The photos he took at our annual recital were the best pictures we ever got all throughout the 29 recitals we had.  He captured what Hamilton Dance is all about.

Hamilton Dance Studio - Brooklyn, NY

He managed to capture the energy of the dancers, and the vision of the choreographer in a perfect way… amazing work ! We strongly recommend him, and we are looking forward to working with Marc again in the future.

Jonathan Breton - AZOTH Dance Theatre

Has anyone ever commented on your photos? Have they ever said something like, “Oh, that is just the perfect moment!” As a performer, you know what that special moment is – It’s that moment when everything comes together perfectly. That moment the dancer’s movement hits the mark, or that moment when your student adds just enough vibrato to make a note sing – and that moment is magical. Can that be captured in an image? It can!

Many people I’ve spoken to have said how they wished the photos of their recital or show came out better. They hired a talented photographer, who was probably great for portraits, but didn’t know how to shoot a performance or a recital. That resulted in images that didn’t have that special something.  Just like tap dance is not ballet, or classical music is not jazz, it takes a specific knowledge of how to make great images of a performance. Hire someone who understands. It’s the last thing you should be worrying about during your show.

Anyone who gets up on stage to perform does so to share something: that pure joy they feel when they dance, or when they sing, or when they act. It’s a feeling not easily expressed in words, which is why we perform. To show, not tell. A photograph taken by a skilled photographer, someone who understands, who also feels that joy and has shared it on stage, can help you to express that feeling in image.

A great photo is part of a system of branding and marketing for your business. When a picture is worth a thousand words, a potential student need only look at one of your photos to know they will enjoy learning from your school!

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