The Performing Arts are really important to me. No matter what the art: music, dance, theatre, or whether it’s modern or traditional. I believe it’s extremely crucial that they remain not just a valid part of, but a respected and appreciated part of our society. Because without art, well…

    I’ve had enough experiences on and off the stage to understand what works, what doesn’t, and also to understand what makes a good image, and what makes a great image for your business. I’ve been seriously studying the art of photography for over five years, and I also do sales and marketing professionally. I think these abilities inform and empower my unique style of photography; I look at it not just from the point of the image and the art, but also the point of the business.

So, I’m making it my mission to support the performing arts community through my photography. I would love to help you realize the dream of your studio, academy or your company. Call or email me and we can discuss how the right photography can help your business succeed.


  • Photography and photo printing.

  • Video and video editing.

  • Marketing Consultation.

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